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The Ukrainian Studies Centre began its work as an independent research unit within the system of the research and development division of Taras Shevchenko National University from August 30, 2000; from March 15 2007 the Ukrainian Studies Centre in the structure of philosophy faculty. Its head is Doctor of Political science Mykhajlo Obushnyj.

The scholarly potential of the Centre is nourished by different specialists who conduct comprehensive research in the field of Ukrainian studies:

Doctor of History Mykhailo Dovbyshcenko

Candidates of History Svitlana Kahamlyk, Kateryna Kobchenko, Serhij Koncha;

Candidates of Philosophy Nina Averjanova, Iryna Hrabovska, Tetiana Yemets, Oleksandr Mostiayev;

Candidates of Philology Liudmyla Sorochuk, Tetiana Sheptycka;

Candidate of Psychology Tetiana Voropayeva;

prominent historian Liudmyla Kyryk;

philologist of the III category Larysa Pavelkovska,;

philosopher of the I category Liudmyla Kovtun;

Alumni of the Centre work at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, at other institutions of higher learning both in the capital and regions.

The major research area is
The Ukrainians in World Civilizing Process: Historical Experience and Perspectives.

In the Centre, research teams work in the following directions:

Scholars of the Centre work at major approaches to the understanding and interconnection of such notions, as the survival and preservation of ethnos, national identity, and modern view of national identity. Centre cooperate with Ukrainian communities in various countries, specifically, in the sphere of scientific support of education of the Ukrainian Diaspora. Among such efforts are scientific and methodological workshops for teacher and methodological support for Ukrainian pupils and students abroad. In 2002, a syllabus was elaborated for Sunday schools in the Ukrainian Diaspora, entitled "The Ukrainian World."

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